Planning on giving your partner something even sweeter than chocolates this Valentine’s Day? We’ve got seven fun proposal ideas to help sweep them off their feet!

A decadent box of chocolates or a dozen red roses always does the trick on Valentine’s Day, but if you’re thinking of making this year’s February 14 extra-special (as in adding an engagement ring and your eternal devotion to the mix), check out these seven Valentine’s Day–themed engagement ideas to inspire your own proposal plans on the most romantic day of the year.

Heart to Heart

Using those classic, irresistible candy conversation hearts, lay a trail from the front door to the proposal spot where you and the ring await. Add a giant candy-heart paper sign saying “Will You Marry Me?” for extra sweetness.

Count Down

Spread the love over the 14 days leading up to Valentine’s Day. Each day, give your partner a creative, heart-inspired gift that can be as simple as a pair of heart-printed socks or pajamas. On the big night, cook a special dinner, then pop the question as your fourteenth and final gift.

Love All Around

Buy a box of little Valentine cards (like the cute ones you gave out in elementary school), and write one reason why you love her or him, or a favorite shared memory, on each one. Plant them everywhere: in pockets, purses, the refrigerator, cupboards, the dashboard and anywhere else you can think of. Finally, present the last and biggest card that asks her or him to marry you.

Covered in Roses

You know the drill: roses. Lots of them. Everywhere. In the bathtub, on the bed, in your partner’s shoes, in the car. You can sneak and spread them around while she’s asleep or out of the house, but either way, she should wake up or come home to a surprise rose-sprinkled wonderland—and, of course, you down on one knee.

Get a Lift

Plan a weekend away at Mountainview Game Ranch with your partner and your mutual friends. Take a sunset game drive and pop the question as you drive.  Have friends ride in the seat in front of you so they can snap pictures along the way, or have them wait with champagne in the Boma area to surprise your new fiance.

Charm Her

Design or make her a charm bracelet, with each charm representing a shared memory, an inside joke or a turning point in your relationship. Or choose only heart-shaped charms and inscribe each with a meaningful word or memory. The last one could be a miniature locket that opens to the message “Marry Me.”

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