7 Valentine’s Day Marriage Proposal Ideas

Planning on giving your partner something even sweeter than chocolates this Valentine’s Day? We’ve got seven fun proposal ideas to help sweep them off their feet! A decadent box of chocolates or a dozen red roses always does the trick on Valentine's Day,...

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Menu options for your Wedding day

Food will be one of your major wedding costs — typically, the catering bill accounts for 45 to 50 percent of the total wedding budget. The first big choice you'll make as you plan your dinner is how to serve your guests. We offer a buffet style reception with a wide...

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Hunting in the Waterberg

Mountainview Game Ranch is situated in the beautiful Waterberg mountain range, a mere two hours’ drive from Pretoria and two and a half hours’ drive from Johannesburg. We do have a private airstrip and you can charter with plane from Johannesburg, landing at the lodge...

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