Planning your wedding is an exciting and fun-filled affair. Choosing your colours, your venue, invitations, décor, food and the list goes on, but often all this effort is only for a few hours out of one single day that flies by in the blink of an eye and with all the money spent it sometimes just doesn’t feel enough. This is the very reason why a weekend getaway wedding have become so popular. Bridal couples want their celebration to go on for as long as possible, with as many friends and family as possible so a weekend destination wedding venue seems like the perfect solution. Here are some fantastic reasons why hiring a wedding venue for an entire weekend makes so much sense.

1. You’ll Have More time

Time flies in the blink of an eye – Speaking to Newlyweds you will often hear them say that they wished they had more time. Time to talk to their guests, take it all in, time to dance more, mingle more and just enjoy their special day. Hiring a weekend wedding venue makes all of that possible. You will have the entire weekend to chat to your guests, enjoy the scenery and really relish in the special time. Although it will also probably flit past incredibly quickly at least you will have a bit more TIME.

2. Your Guests can relax

Choosing a destination wedding venue means that your guests have ample time to arrive and depart. They therefore won’t be battling traffic and struggling to get to your wedding on time. This in itself creates a relaxed atmosphere and means that your guests will probably enjoy themselves more. At a destination wedding venue they are able to really have a holiday and enjoy some time off with the added benefit of weekend activities.

3. You are more relaxed

As the bridal couple you often have to squeeze photos, speeches, dinner, dancing and cutting the cake all into a very short space of time. With a destination wedding venue you are able to space this out a little more, making your schedule more relaxed. This will also allow you more time to spend with your guests. Any last minute changes can be done the day before in order to allow you ample time to getting ready on the day of the wedding.

4. You have Exclusive usage

Weekend destination wedding venues offers you the exclusive usage of the venue for a single bridal couple and their guests. This means that you and your guests can use all the facilities at your leisure, something which often isn’t available at wedding venues hired for the day.

5. A prolonged special day

Most Newlyweds wish that their special day had gone on forever. Although a destination wedding isn’t forever, it is at least a little longer than most. More memories can be created, more special moments are lived and more fun is had.
Once you have decided on a destination wedding  it’s time to decide which wedding venue will be the best option for your requirements, ideas and theme and choose your dream wedding venue.

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Mountainview Game Ranch is an exquisite tranquil weekend wedding venue nestled in the foothills of the majestic Waterberg Mountains in Limpopo. The privately owned 1,000-hectare Bushveld paradise is home to an abundance of wildlife and located only 2 hours from Johannesburg International Airport. Offering all that is needed for the perfect wedding and for the exclusive use of the bride and groom and their guests for the entire weekend.

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